Occupational Physiotherapist

Dave Hall

I'm an Occupational Physiotherapist focused on injury prevention and wellbeing, especially in workplace settings.


My services range from Ergonomic assessments to fun group wellbeing activities

I’ve been a Physio for over 25 years, with a particular expertise in workplace injury prevention and wellbeing.

I can adapt my style according to the situation.

You’ll see the more serious analytical me with the Ergonomic assessments

My more zany side comes out with Disco Physio.

For Workplace Training my style is adapted to suit the group. But it’s always inclusive and engaging. 

Traditionally these services are face to face, however I can also offer Physiotherapy online for individuals and groups.

I draw on my complimentary skills as a Group Facilitator and Entertainer


What my clients say

Testimonials from some of my clients below